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12 May 2015

Foder Came Together With Its Volunteers By Organizing “Appreciation Event”

14 July 2015

With Foder’s Mybnk Project, Financial Literacy Training will be Provided to Young People

As Foder, we are delighted to start a new project supported by JP Morgan’s grant in order to take our efforts on young people in the […]
23 July 2015

We met with our volunteers at FODER Volunteer Meeting Event

21 December 2015

FODER Individual Budget Management Financial Literacy Training for Soldiers was held

Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association has continued to provide “Individual Budget Management” financial literacy trainings for members of Turkish Land Forces Command. The financial literacy trainings […]
8 January 2016

The First Foder’s Volunteer Meeting of 2016 was held

The first of the FODER-Volunteer Meetings event, which is planned to be held on the first Thursday of every month by the Financial Literacy and Inclusion […]
5 February 2016

“FODER-Volunteer Meeting” of February was held

As the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association, in FODER-Volunteer Meeting event that we held in the first week of each month, we met with our volunteers […]