Individual Membership Application

    Individual Membership

    Any natural person, who has the legal capacity to act and who has agreed to work by adopting the goals and principles of FODER and who meet the conditions stipulated by the legislation is entitled to join FODER as a member.

    In application for membership of natural persons, it is required for them to provide at least one reference given by the FODER members. However, foreign natural persons should have the residence permit to become a member.

    Persons, who meet the abovementioned requirements, are required to apply FODER by filling the "Individual Membership Application Form".

    The Board of FODER evaluates the applications in general and in accordance with the Law of Associations and the Statute of FODER and finalizes the applications in one month at the latest. This is the ultimate decision. Following the acceptance of application of the member, the member is registered in the book kept for this purpose.

    The individual membership fee for 2024 is as follows:
    Entrance fee for membership is 1.100 TL (is required for one time only.)
    Annual membership fee is 1.100 TL

    For any questions concerning membership please reach us at +90 212 289 50 40 or at