Financial literacy is the ability of persons to make an assessment of the use and management of money and to have an effective decision-making. In other words, financial literacy can be defined as the ability of individuals to evaluate their income, savings and investments wisely and to have the competency to manage their budget effectively. Financial literacy is defined by OECD as a combination of financial awareness, knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviors necessary to make sound financial decisions by choosing between financial risks and alternatives and ultimately achieve individual financial wellbeing. Access to financial products and services; means that the households and companies to access to and to use financial products and services such as loans, deposits, and insurance and payment transactions sufficiently and with appropriate conditions.


FODER cooperates with government and private sector institutions and other civil society organizations in order to create financial literacy, to raise awareness on financial inclusion and access and to ensure opportunities for individuals across the country; and have bunch of activities on awareness-raising, education, research, supporting the practices, creating policies.
FODER’s aim is; to create an ecosystem for a financially literate Turkey. 
FODER's Goal is:

  • To contribute to a 10% increase in non-banking population,
  • To contribute to the widespread use of the banking system and to increase rates of savings,
  • To ensure that financial literacy to be included in the education curriculum,
  • To be involved in financial system and to identify goals for raising awareness of people primarily women and children on the issues of financial investments and savings and to make applications.


A comprehensive study was developed in consultation with stakeholders, by being aware of the fact that the financial literacy of the population is essential for sustainable development; and Prime Ministry circular dated on June 2014 on Financial Access, Financial Education, Financial Consumer Protection Strategy and Action Plans was published. As Specified in the Action Plan, FODER's duties are;

  • To create a common web page about financial education and to distribute educational activities through social media
  • To prepare educational and promotional materials
  • To increase the interest in financial issues through conferences, seminars, TV and radio programs and competitions prepared
  • To raise awareness of housewives on financial issues