Message from the Chair

A is Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER), our goal is to provide added value for the future in order to ensure a better future. We think that an effective money management is the indispensable element of a better future.

In our association, of which I am proud of being the founder chair and which takes firm steps forward to achieve its goals since 2012, we support the empowerment of children, women and families in the economic sense and the raise awareness of them on the effective money management.

We have implemented our projects by focusing on the target group that we have mentioned with the support of public institutions, our business stakeholders and our trainers, majority of which are also our volunteers, from the day we were established. Until today, we have reached more than 1 million people from all segments of society via the financial literacy trainings we provided for various professional groups, especially for children, young people and women. I would like to share the information on some of our projects we implemented this year.

We, as FODER, once again emphasized the importance of saving money in the long life cycle with "Financial Literacy and Inclusion Conference" which was organized for the third time in cooperation with TEB in January this year. The main subject of our conference, which has hosted many national and international speakers, was BES (Personal Pension System), which is the main element behind the increase in the saving rates of our country. We as a CSO have also studies in terms of this.

In order to identify the level of financial literacy of the general public in Turkey, to understand the attitudes and behaviors about financial products and services, we have conducted "Turkey Financial Literacy Survey" with the support of Visa and 22 banks in Turkey.

We conducted Parayön Project Parameter Training Module in cooperation with Denizbank. We reached 10.000 young people studying at high schools and prep schools of universities and we raised their awareness on budget, make savings and investment.

In cooperation with Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, we launched the project "Farmers Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets". Our goal is to reach 1 million farmers.

We met with our volunteers at the events like "Volunteers Meeting" we organized as the association. Here, we talked about the plans to be made prospectively, we identified projects, and activities, studies and we ensured that these were realized. I would like to extend my gratitude to all our volunteers who are sincerely with us by providing their contributions fully in these projects and activities, and I would like to add that we sincerely hope that our cooperation with them will continue further and will be stronger.

We aim at the financial literacy for everyone, especially for children and young people, and we launched the projects: "Children Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets" and “Young People Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets" also this year as we do every year.

With the increase of our corporate and individual members, we have made progress in both the possible cooperation with the members and institutions and in the strengthening of the association in terms of income sources.

Everything starts with believing. Persons go after what they believe, and have ties with it. As FODER, we began our journey to realize something together with the civil society organizations and academic and the private sector institutions and we had strong ties. I would like to thank all of our supporters for their beliefs and commitment.

We are raising Turkey's financial literacy, hand in hand with you.

Sincerely Yours
Özlem Denizmen
Founding Chair