FODER Individual Budget Management Financial Literacy Training for Soldiers was held

Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association has continued to provide “Individual Budget Management” financial literacy trainings for members of Turkish Land Forces Command.
The financial literacy trainings on “Individual Budget Management”, which was requested from FODER, were conducted for soldiers of Turkish Land Forces Command at four different locations in Ankara, Tuzla Infantry School, Isparta and Eğirdir.
On 17 December 2015, in Ankara at Turkish Land Forces Training and Doctrine Command, with the participation of FODER Secretary General Yasemin Demirdağ, by FODER Vice-Chair Attila Köksal, financial literacy trainings on how a budget management will be ensured were provided to the soldiers of army of observation.
With our studies conducted as an association on financial literacy and inclusion, we aim to support the creation of the ecosystem in order to raise financial awareness and to increase the rates of savings in our country.