The First Foder’s Volunteer Meeting of 2016 was held

The first of the FODER-Volunteer Meetings event, which is planned to be held on the first Thursday of every month by the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association, was held on 7 January 2016 in Akmerkez YLZ.

After a pleasant conversation with the volunteers who committed to FODER, a presentation was made about the mission, vision and activities of the association. What the concept of financial literacy is and important points to be considered are mentioned. The detailed information on FODER individual membership, corporate membership and volunteer application was provided in the meeting to the people who were not together with FODER before, but participated this meeting.

The volunteers were informed about the Parayön project and its three sub-modules that FODER implemented for young people aged between 14-25. Observing in the introductory video that the trainings of MyBnk UK, which is an award winning social enterprise were adapted and provided to young people in Turkey and the enthusiasm of the students who attended financial-literacy trainings warmed the hearts of all members of FODER family.

What FODER has been done in the previous years for the Global Money Week – “Küresel Para Haftası” events, performed concurrently with the world in the second week of each March since 2013 were addressed and what kind of activities can be done for this year were highlighted. The fact that this event, which was held every year with the volunteers of Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association, and in which tens of thousands of children and young people have been provided with financial literacy trainings, will be held again with the contributions and support of the volunteers, was welcomed zestily and enthusiastically.

Following the brainstorming of the participants on ensuring financial literacy in Turkey and recommendations, the meeting was ended with greetings and good wishes.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who participated and who could not participate but showed their interests even though they cannot be together with FODER. We wish to be together again in the next FODER – Volunteer Meeting event, with wider participation…