Our Team


Melisa Mumcu

Secretary General

Melisa Mumcu received her BA in International Relations from Gazi University and her MA in Financial Economics from Galatasaray University. She has worked on financial education projects and conducted research on poverty reduction and financial sustainability, as well as the social and environmental effects of poverty and financial sustainability. She has carried out a project study using an analysis of income inequality between women and men in OECD countries as functions of income distribution, labour force participation and higher education participation. Her articles have been published in online journals and publications on finance and sustainability. She works as the Secretary-General of the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association. She carries out studies aimed at improving the financial health of low and middle-income individuals with the methods of behavioural economics.

Çağatay Türk

Social Media Specialist

Çağatay Türk received his bachelor's degree from Uludag University, Department of Economics, and continues his education at Anadolu University, Department of Sociology. He has worked voluntarily in the communication departments of organizations named Turkey European Foundation in Turkey and Xeracion in Spain. He worked on "ROVE" on human rights, "Trashocolics" on environmental awareness, "Give Hugs Not Drugs" on addictions, and "Speak Factor" on communication in Europe. He continued his freelance work with the support of social media management, digital marketing, and graphic design for local and foreign institutions. He is currently working as a Social Media Specialist at the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association and also at Special Olympics Turkey.

Begüm Terzioğlu

Project Assistant

Begüm Terzioğlu has been educated for 2 years at Uludag University, Department of French Teachers. She continues her education at Uludag University, department of econometrics, and also at Anadolu University, Department of International Trade and Logistics Management. During her education, she worked in the economy, business and finance as a volunteer at university clubs. She took an active part in the projects and took part on the board of directors of Uludağ University Econometrics Club for one year. She volunteered to teach English to secondary school students in the club called TOSPA, which covers social responsibility projects of Uludag University. She still continues to work as a volunteer on projects. She works as a project assistant at the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association.