Foder Came Together With Its Volunteers By Organizing “Appreciation Event”

The Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association organized an "Appreciation Event" for its volunteers who actively participated in and provided their support and contributions for "Global Money Week", "Children Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets", "Young People Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets" Projects.

It was aimed by FODER to make the efforts of FODER on raising the awareness of children and young people on financial literacy within the scope of the projects, more active and effective with its volunteers; tens of thousands of children and young people were reached and they will be reached continuously by the trainings to be provided by volunteer trainers until the end of 2014-2015 school year.

FODER Founding Chair Özlem Denizmen shared the experiences and excitement of volunteers during the trainings and made recommendations for the future in the "Appreciation Event" held for volunteers, who made efforts without hesitation to achieve these aims and who provided trainings. She expressed her gratitude in her speech, which is in the form of conversation with the volunteers; she highlighted the importance of the concept of volunteerism, financial literacy and awareness on saving and stated that she wishes to work with the volunteers again in the next projects.

Our volunteer Murat Kılıç, who provided the highest number of trainings within our "Global Money Week" and "Children Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets" Projects

In the Appreciation Event, a symbolic certification ceremony was held for the volunteers as an appreciation in return for their efforts of great value. By FODER Founding Chair Özlem Denizmen, FODER Vice Chair Dilek Bil and Attila Köksal, the certificates signed by CFA were presented to volunteers and they had a family photo.