With Foder’s Mybnk Project, Financial Literacy Training will be Provided to Young People

As Foder, we are delighted to start a new project supported by JP Morgan’s grant in order to take our efforts on young people in the field of financial literacy one step further.

For the project, in 2007, Foder’s Project Team visited Mybnk, an award-winning non-governmental organization established to support young entrepreneurship and to help young people between the ages of 11 and 25 to manage their money, and got the Money Works, Money Twist, Unidosh trainings in theoretical and practical way. In these trainings, it was identified that the group to be targeted in Turkey is young people in 14-25 age group. Then, the project team started to work for the adaptation of these modules in Turkey. These first basic modules are planned to be completed by providing trainings in the field, by finalizing all measurement and evaluation and reporting in May 2016.

The trainings, which will be given to different socio-economic groups with widespread learning methodology, aim to reach 6800 young people in order to raise the awareness and consciousness level on financial literacy.

One of the most important features of these trainings is to increase the effect on young people’s learning about these subjects by providing them with enjoyable interactive, entertaining and learning programs that can speak the young people’s language.

The project aims to make young people, between 16 and 25 years of age who are willing to study in high school or university, who take part in working life or for certain reasons who cannot, financially literate; and it also aims to provide them to gain knowledge and wise behaviors as well as to contribute them to be able to live as economically independent in processes which force them to live individually without their families.