With Women As Account Specialists of Houses Project, Financial Literacy Trainings are Provided to Women

Women As Account Specialists of Houses project, which aims to ensure active participation of working women between the ages of 18-35 to the economy, to increase their levels of financial literacy, to increase the enrollment rate in SGK, to ensure that women have access to the necessary information to actualize and to develop their potential, and to provide them with information about the social insurance and general health insurance rights, has been implemented with the contributions of SGK, MasterCard and TurkishWIN.

In the first part of the trainings given by experts regarding the project, while the women are learning the rights of SGK, in the second part of the training prepared by the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER), it is intended to ensure women to have knowledge about financial literacy.


Women As Account Specialists of Houses project, which is held in Ankara today and which continues every year in different cities, aims to raise the awareness of working women by the trainings held in Antalya, Ankara, Sakarya, Zonguldak, Manisa, Adana, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Istanbul and Bursa in its first year. With those trainings, which are held within the scope of the project, the goal is to provide information to 7000 women in 10 provinces by the end of 2015.