Launching Meeting of Parayön Project was Held

The launching meeting of PARAYON Project, which we held as Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER) with the grant taken from JP Morgan, in which we adapt the modules from MyBnk institution of UK to Turkey with the aim to bring financial literacy consciousness to young people, was held on 17 November 2015 Tuesday, in Avantgarde Hotel.

FODER Founding Chair Özlem Denizmen in her opening remarks stated that “The Japanese people believe in the power of three things: sword, jewelry, mirror. But the most valuable of those for them is the mirror, since the mirror symbolizes the power of knowledge. Financial literacy is also one of the most important means of knowing ourselves” and stressed the importance of financial literacy.

In terms of literacy awareness in Turkey, she stated “financial literacy in developing countries such as Turkey poses a much more important place. And unfortunately Turkey’s rank is relatively lower in terms of financial literacy awareness, according to OECD data. Not having enough financial infrastructure and awareness is an obstacle to the sustainability of the Turkey’s economy.” and in that way she summarized the situation of Turkey.
She closed her opening remarks by making a reference to a quote of financial intelligence expert Robert Kiyosaki on young people who are the cornerstone in a society: “When you are young, work to learn, not to earn, because what you earn guarantees today but what you learn, guarantees your whole life”.
After the speech of Özlem Denizmen, FODER Secretary General Dr. Yasemin Demirdağ, talked about the mission, vision and activities related to FODER in the first part of her presentation, and in the second part she talked on the Parayön project by sharing the introduction video prepared and informed the press members.

After the introduction of the project,  JP Morgan Turkey’s Deputy General Manager Işık Güven Toktamış took the floor and stated that “The JP Morgan Chase Foundation’s mission is; to enable people to have a better understanding of their own financial needs so that they can secure and manage their future. Individuals need to start to their life with financial literacy awareness in order to manage their daily financial needs and to plan their future. Financial literacy should be recognized as a global need for a better future.” and in that way, explained how valuable financial literacy is.

At the end of the speech, Işık Güven Toktamış emphasized the trainings and said “We aim to reach approximately 7000 young people with Parayön Project. It has a special value to ensure young individuals to stand on their own feet and to prepare themselves for the future. I wish a future where the direction of money always poses a bright future for young people. I hope that we will have a chance to observe the positive changes in the lives of these young individuals.”