FODER provides financial literacy trainings within the scope of “Young People are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets” project

The Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association, together with its volunteer trainers, provides financial literacy trainings in order to raise awareness of high school students on budget and savings within the scope of 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

Financial literacy trainings will continue to be provided until the end of 2014-2015 with the requests for financial literacy training of schools and with the enthusiasm of voluntary trainers to reach more young people by providing their valuable labor and contributions for this purpose.

With this “Young People Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets” project, it is aimed to enable young people to use their current resources effectively and accurately for wise and conscious spending and consuming, to adopt making savings as a target and habit. With the trainings, it is aimed to create positive economic reflections in the form of added benefits to students, families, society and country.