Financial Literacy Trainings Will Be Provided With The Cooperation Between Foder – Çimsa

ÇİMSA shared the Integrated Activity Report publicly, which is in compliance with the United Nations Development Program, and which includes information on corporate culture and social investment projects as well as financial information. As a result of the cooperation made with FODER, ÇİMSA makes a donation to FODER for each Integrated Activity Report it shares with its stakeholders.

With these donations, financial literacy trainings will be given to children within the scope of Children’s Summer Camp project, with the attendance of children between the ages of 7-12 from various villages of Niğde.

ÇİMSA General Manager Nevra Özhatay, stated on this subject that as: “measuring the value of a company with financial data is no longer the case and the factors which gives the meaning to the companies in terms of the society are the corporate social responsibility activities, environmental awareness and sustainability of this perspective”.

Acting with this foresight, ÇİMSA has adopted the principle of providing support to the education of children and young people and it will contribute the raise the awareness of children on financial literacy with Children’s Summer Camp project, that will be held in cooperation with FODER.