As FODER, our “Children Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets”and“Young People are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets” projects are implemented with the approval of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Today, children and young people constitute the majority of the population in developing countries. The international community takes important steps to ensure children and young people to live in a safe and healthy future within a quality environment with high living standards, to participate in education, employment and decision-making mechanisms and it attaches importance to children and young people in planning the sustainable development.

To raise awareness of children and young people is the social policy strategy adopted as the indispensable element in the field of development.
Basic financial issues such as dream-target, demand-need, fund, savings, making budget were explained to the students by volunteer trainers.

Following our announcement for volunteer trainers regarding the financial literacy trainings for children and young people in Istanbul, two different “Trainings for Trainers” were provided to our volunteers, who want to take part in the project, and to KKB-Credit Bureau employees in cooperation between FODER and Credit Bureau.

After the basic financial literacy training for adults in the Training of Trainers, different training modules at primary, secondary and high school levels were conducted. The volunteer trainers who completed the program successfully were provided with “Competency Certificates”.

In the trainings, it was aimed that children and young people to be able to make effective decisions with correct information on money management. Students were able to differentiate between the demand and need before buying something with 10 seconds rule. In addition, they learned that they need the effective budget management in planning for transforming a need they dreamed of into a target. Young people at high school level learned that they should pay attention to the income and expenditure balance with interactive games.

The fact that the children and young people to learn and acquire wise spending habits at an early age is important in terms of preventing financial exclusion and gaining key skills in managing money in the following years.

More than 1000 Primary and Secondary School students at Haci Ilbey Elementary School, TED Atakent College, Ataturk Primary School, and high school students at Farabi College have gained financial consciousness with financial literacy trainings provided to them. These trainings, provided by 5 volunteer trainers in Kartal, Küçükçekmece, Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir districts, will continue to be held in 39 districts of Istanbul. Target is here to reach 10,000 students in order for ensuring them to gain financial knowledge.