Arel College Students draw attention to “Consumption Frenzy.“

In the exhibition unit where they prepared themselves for the 11th time this year, 4th grade students of Primary School in AREL College attracted attention to Consumption Frenzy, which is one of the most important problems of the world. The students said “No to consuming without producing”.
In the PYP Exhibition Unit Sharing held for ensuring students to have an investigation process in cooperation in an interdisciplinary way for the purpose of investigating and researching the problems in the world and finding solutions to the problems, the students made researches about “Reflections of unconscious consumption in the individuals and society” in order to draw attention to the consumption frenzy within the world’s agenda this year.
The students made researches on “How conscious consumers we are, unconscious consumption of natural resources and the negative effects of consumption frenzy on individuals and society”, and with their researches, they revealed the possible dangers awaiting the world in that regard. After all the research groups identified the real problem that would lead them to their actions, they investigated the sources for their solution and made observations. They conducted interviews and surveys with some groups. They wore the t-shirts they designed to draw attention to conscious consumption and distributed posters and informative brochures they prepared.
During their research, students received a certificate by completing FODER’s “Children and Young People are Becoming Self Aware of their Budgets training”, which aims to teach money management and practice of making savings.