Activities of Financial Literacy Club Continues

In cooperation between Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association and Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions, as we did previous year, we conduct activities of financial literacy club in2017-2018 academic year.

Club activities aim to increase financial literacy knowledge of young people by teaching them how to manage money in a fun and interactive way. Club is completed in 36 weeks with trainings each of which lasts 60 minutes. A very effective academic year is ensured by the participation of expert guest trainers, who are expert in different fields, guest speakers; and trips and financial institution visits to be held.

Activities of Financial Literacy Club

Students are trained in those trainings, which are prepared based on international training modules, on many financial issues such as demand-need, budget, investment, banking system, fund by experiencing them by themselves.
Young people have completed their missing information through examples and experience sharing in trainings, which are especially focusing on personal habits related to money. Young people evaluate their expenses with “Think about it” activity. They learn how to prioritize the demands and needs in different periods of their lives with “Demands – Needs” activity. They gain knowledge on how the risks and benefits of different types of investments via the “Investment expert”.
The students, whose knowledge are reviewed with the pre-test made before the trainings, will take the final test after the trainings are completed. After the pre-test and final-test results, the evaluation-review study will be carried out together. The trainings are held and continued focusing on students’ financial information, financial attitude, financial behavior and skills.

Final Literacy Training for Entrepreneurs 

Club students have received financial literacy training for entrepreneurs and have learned many things on budgeting the financial resources, analyzing financial statements and using the financial services effectively. After the Final Literacy Training for Entrepreneurs provided by Habitat Association’s expert training Cansu Aydemir, students are provided with “Certificate of Participation”.

Tour to Ottoman Bank Museum

The students of Financial Literacy Club and of Entrepreneurship Club, which are Darüşşafaka’s “leadership” clubs, joined a trip in October and they visited Ottoman Bank in Salt Galata.

In the trip they joined to visit this bank, which was founded in 1856 under the name of “Ottoman Bank“, young people had the opportunity to review various documents ranging from the first banknote designs to stock certificates and government bonds. They learned about the banking process of that period and they formulated their opinions in that regard.

The young people, who also visited the Salt Galata Employer Exhibition at the same time, were able to observe the relationship between the architect and the employer from the 1930s to the 2010s on the basis of a series of structures from the private or public sector. They also had the opportunity to review how communication is reflected in the product.

With this trip, which was held to introduce money management and financial system, it was aimed to ensure young people to overcome the financial difficulties they might face in the following years.