Women Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets

Women Are Becoming Self Aware of Their Budgets project takes place in cooperation with FODER and Lüleburgaz Municipality in order to raise the awareness of women on financial literacy and to increase the level of financial literacy for active participation of women in the economy.

According to many surveys conducted globally, especially by the OECD, women’s access to financial information is far behind the men’s. Even in developed countries, women are rarely able to manage their earnings and to keep track of financial developments.

When we look at the characteristics of women, such as managing the house economy and the family budget, it is certain that women need much more financial literacy than men. It is also evident that women maintain their lives with smaller budgets.

Women need to trainings on being able to read financial risks, to divide the risks, and to invest wisely. The position of women in the economic order gains value both on the social and global scale.

In this project, which is conducted by FODER with the mission of ensuring a financial literacy ecosystem, especially financial literacy of women, regular trainings are held by FODER expert trainers every week. It is aimed to enable women to use their current resources effectively and accurately, to adopt making savings as a habit. The financial literacy knowledge and financial awareness trainings provided in that regard contribute the sustainable development.