Global Money Week started with Borsa Istanbul Gong Ceremony

The Turkish Part of Global Money Week, which is celebrated around the world, is being implemented under the leadership of FODER. The events will be organized under the theme of “Learn.Save.Earn” during the Global Money Week, which started with the opening gong in Borsa İstanbul.

Global Money Week was launched last year in 41 countries by striking the opening gongs of stock markets. This year, Borsa İstanbul expressed its symbolic support for young people, their dreams and their financial future with striking the gong in that regard. The opening gong of Borsa İstanbul on 27 March Monday; was stricken by Borsa İstanbul Management and Chief Executive Officer Himmet KARADAĞ, SPK Vice President Emre Önyurt and FODER Chair Özlem Denizmen and Darüşşafaka students, who received financial literacy training for Global Money Week.

Theme of the year is “Learn.Save.Earn”.

This year’s theme of Global Money Week, which is supported by OECD, was identified as “Learn.Save.Earn”. Within the scope of this theme, it has been aimed to ensure the children and young people to have smart habits on the field of costs and to learn to act carefully in that regard starting from an early age. It is aimed to develop the money management capability while raising awareness about the financial problems that may be encountered in the later years of life.

During the week, there will be activities under the theme of “Learn.Save.Earn”
In Global Money Week, the activities will be organized by civil society initiatives and public and private sector institution under the roof of FODER. There will be activities that will involve corporate and individual members simultaneously while carrying out projects that will raise awareness on saving.

Financial literacy trainings will be provided by FODER throughout the country during Global Money Week.