Global Money Week 2016 Activities

Global Money Week, which took place in the second week of March every year, is celebrated with events and activities all over the world, with the aim of making sure that the children and young people are able to use their resources effectively and accurately by making conscious expenditures and consumption and by saving money as a target and habit in order to become entrepreneurs.

Global Money Week, which was started with stock markets’ opening gong in 38 countries last year, will be launched this year again in Turkey as well as in various countries around the world.
On 14 March, Monday Morning, we will strike the Opening Gong of the stock market in Borsa İstanbul on Global Money Week hosted by Borsa Istanbul in collaboration with SPK-FODER.

During the whole week, hundreds of children and young people will be given financial literacy training in schools simultaneously. Some of the titles of our program are as follows.


BKM trip to Mektebim Schools students on 16 March Wednesday
Financial literacy training on 17 March Thursday (and the whole week) in cooperation with Beyoğlu Municipality
Visit to the Ottoman Bank Museum on 18 March Friday and financial literacy training in the museum

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