“Bütçemi Yönetebiliyorum Projesi” kapsamında finansal okuryazarlık eğitimi alan kursiyerlere sertifikaları verildi
21 February 2017
26 January 2017

Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER), which has studies on increasing the financial literacy around Turkey, held an event called “Ambassadors of Media” which was supported by Zorlu Holding and was hosted by Zorlu PSM, in order to present the appreciation plaquets to the members of press working on the field of financial literacy and saving and supporting this subject.

In addition to the Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek, Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Education Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Tekin, SPK Vice Presidents Emre Önyurt, Yusuf Kaya and Undersecretariat of Treasury Deputy General Manager Mehmet Alper Batur and members of the press attended this event.


FODER Founding Chair Denizmen stated: “We have reached 1 million people, but this is not enough, there is much progress to be made”

By speaking at the event to express her gratitude to the members of the press who supported and gave weight to the field of financial literacy and saving, FODER Founding Chair Özlem Denizmen stated that “As Foder, we started our journey with the commitment, together with civil society, academic and public institutions to achieve success.

We completed our 4th year as Foder, we have reached a million women, children, young people and employees in this period with the projects held by our members. But, we are a country with 80 million people, of course but this is not enough, there is much progress to be made.”

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek stated, “I want to thank FODER officials. Financial literacy is a problem in the whole world, but actually it is a much larger problem in Turkey. A new study was conducted in the USA and questions were asked under three titles on the compound interest, inflation and risk distribution. Only one third of the respondents were able to answer these questions correctly. The issue is actually a global issue and an important element of the G20. In Turkey, this issue is really huge, we face this every day.”




The names of the members of the press, who were given “Ambassadors of Media” appreciation plaquets due to their commitment and works on creating a financially literate society are stated below:

In addition, Undersecretary of Treasury Deputy General Manager Mr. Mehmet Alper Batur, Vice President of Capital Markets Board Emre Önyurt and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Tekin also received the plaques, while the Chairman Advisor Önder Yılmaz was given the plaquet on behalf of Chairman of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Board Mehmet Ali Akben.